Our Mentors: 

Each mentor has access to projects uploaded and make independent decisions on specific projects or entrepreneurs to work with. Most decisions in venture capital are made within the first two minutes of a pitch or the first paragraph of a concept memo. If a mentor decides to assist an entrepreneur on their business concept the mentor designates time to discussions and brainstorming sessions with the entrepreneur developing the relationship and concept. At anytime either the entrepreneur or the mentor may dissolve the relationship. Once the relationship evolves additional time, services and assistance can be given if the entrepreneur decides.    

Mentors make their own decisions on billing and remuneration. Standard practice is the first month of discussions are free. This allows the mentor and entrepreneur to learn more about each other, their working styles, and each others benefits in such a working relationship. Each mentor values their time differently and pricing is determined through a direct conversation dependent on time, skill-set, and the needs of the entrepreneur.